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Situated in the eastern part of the Central Square, The Big Cathedral (1934) is noticeable among the orthodoxe places of worship of Romania by having the largest painted surface.

"Crucification" strained glass window from Small Cathedral.

Stone Church- built with the expense of the archbishop Ioan Bob of Blaj (1794)


Near Tirgu-Mures, in the last two decades, "Recea Monastiry" monachal complex was built, a place of pilgrimage and christian recolection.

     The city where for centuries people from different nations have been living together is of course the place where places of worship of several religions stand together.


Wooden Church, where in 1866 Mihai Eminescu, the poet, rested on his way to Blaj.

The Roman-Catholic Curch 1723-1764

Built in the XIV-XVth century, the Church from the Citadel was at the beginning a catholic place of prayer, and after 1556 if serves for the believers converted to protestantism.


It is the proof, over time, of a numerous jewish comunity.