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Organisation Chart
Subordinate Institutions
Decentralized Public Services
Town Halls

of Ministries and other Central Agencies
organized in Mures County

1. Mures County's Police Inspectorate
Tg. Mureș,  Zefirului Str. No.1
Fax No: 0265-311555
Phone No. of duty officer: 0265-202300
Dispatch: 0265-202305

2. Mures County's Inspectorate for Emergencies "Horea"
Tg. Mureș, Horea Str. No.28
Fax No.: 0265-269660
Phone No.: 0265-269661, 0265-269662, 112

3. County Gendarme Inspectorate "Col. Sabin Motora"
Tg. Mureș, Apicultorilor Str. No.2-4
Phone No..: 0265-254455, 0265-244757,

Fax No. 0265-255715, 112
e-mail: cabinet@jandarmeriamures.ro

4. Mobile Gendarme Group Tirgu Mures
Sîngeorgiu de Mureș, Parcul Marianffi Lajos Str. No.7
Fax No.: 0265/318728
Call center:0265/ 319856,319857,
e-mail: cabinet@jandarmeriamobilamures.ro

5. Mures County's Department of National Archives
Tg. Mureș, Crizantemelor Str. No.8

Fax No.: 0265-235064
Call center: 0265-235064, 0265-202372
e-mail: mures.an@mai.gov.ro


6. County's School Inspectorate
Tg. Mureș, Victor Babeș Str. No.11
No.. Fax No. 0265-218473
Phone No.: 0265-213779


7. Mures County's Cadastre and Real Estate Advertising
Tg. Mureș, Caprioarei Str. No.2
Phone No.: 0265-211338,  Fax No.: 0265-210507
e-mail: ms@ancpi.ro

8. Mures County's Public Health Department
Tg. Mureș, Gh. Marinescu Str. No.50
Fax No. 0265-212344
Phone No.: 0265-215146,0265-260695
e-mail: secretariat@aspms.ro

9. Mures Health Insurance Office
Tg. Mureș,  A. Filimon Str. No.19
Fax No.: 0265-250041, Phone No.: 0265-250040

10. Mures County's Department of Culture
Tg. Mureș,  Mărăști Str. No.8
Fax No./Phone No.: 0265-262515, 0265-266295
e-mail: contact@mail.mures.djc.ro

11. Mures County's Department of Dialog, Family and Social Solidarity
Tg. Mureș, Iuliu Maniu Str. No.2

Fax No./ Phone No.: 0265-264484


12. Mures County's Pension Office
Tg. Mureș, T. Vladimirescu Str. No.60
Fax No.: 0265/262018
Call center: 0265-262078, 0265-311021, 0265-260461 – Tickets for treatment

e-mail: cjpas-ms@orizont.net

13. County's Agency of Labor Force
Tg. Mureș, Iuliu Maniu Str. No.2
Phone No.: 0265-269247, Fax No. 0265-268035
e-mail: ajofm@ajofm.mures.rdsnet.ro

14. Territorial Labor Inspectorate Mures
Tg. Mureș, Iuliu Maniu Str. No.2
Fax No.: 0265-261622, 0265-262698
Call center: 0265-262698, 0265-263670
e-mail: itmmures@itm.ro

15. Mures County's Office for Economy Mobilization and Defense
Tg. Mureș, Koteles Samuel Str. No.33
Fax No.: 0265-262976
Call center: 0265-263211/1262
e-mail: stps.ms@anrsps.gov.ro

16. Mures County's Department of Public Finances
Tg. Mureș, Gh. Doja Str. No.1-3
Fax No. 0265-261093
Call center: 0265-250982, 0265-250983, 0265-268437
e-mail: AJSP.Mures@mfinante.ro

17. Mures County's Environmental Protection Agency
Tg. Mureș, Podeni Str. No.10
Fax No.: 0265-314985, Phone No.: 0265-314984, 0265-314988
e-mail: office@apmms.anpmm.ro


18. Mures Sport and Youth Department
Tg. Mureș, Victor Babeș Str. No.11
Fax No.: 0265-218841
Call center: 0265-263826
e-mail: djst.mures@mts.ro

19. Mures County's Department for Agriculture
Tg. Mureș,  P-ța Mărășești Str. No.15, 1st floor
Fax No.: 0265-210510, Phone No.: 0265-262145
e-mail: agro@dadr-mures.ro

20. Mures County's Office for Agricultural Consultancy
Tg. Mureș, Gh. Doja Str. No.22
Phone No./Fax No.: 0265-260777,
e-mail: ojcams@cliknet.ro

21. Mures County's Department of Veterinary Sanitation and Food Safety
Tg. Mureș, Podeni Str. No.10
Fax No. 0265-314974, 0265/314977
Call center: 0265-314975

e-mail: office-mures@ansvsa.ro

22. Territorial Inspectorate for the Quality of Seeds
Sîngeorgiu de Mureș, Principală Str. No.1221
Phone No. / Fax No. : 0265-318775
e-mail: itcsms@rdslink.ro

23. Mures County's Department of Statistics
Tg. Mureș, Bolyai Farkas Str. No.18
Fax No.: 0265-260760, Phone No.: 0265-261819
e-mail: tele@mures.insse.ro

24. County's Office for the Protection of Consumers
Tg. Mureș, Livezeni Str. No.7
Fax No.: 0265-255153, Phone: 0265-254625
e-mail: mures@opc.ro

25. Mureș County's Military Centre
Tg. Mureș, Rozelor Str. No.11
Phone No.: 0265-217751, 0365-430079, Fax No.: 0265-211493
email: cmj.mures@gmail.com





The information was translated by Ercsei Matild
The information was updated by Nemes Ileana, in 17.03.2014