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   Located in the Central-Northern part of Romania, the county occupies 2,8% of the country's territory.


     Relief: hills and plains occupies half of the total surface, the other half being occupied by the hills of Sub Charpatians and Gurghiu Mountains. The basin of Mures river - with its subsidiaries covers the total hydrographic network of the county.

     Climate: long and cold winters, and hot summers

     Natural reservations: Natural Park "Poiana Narciselor", Dendrological Park Gurghiu, Reservation of Peonies from Zau de Campie.

     Natural resources: existence of salt, gas, rocks used in construction, forests used as raw materials, contribute to the growth of economic potential of the county.


     - mountain: pine, beech
     - hills and plain: beech and others species

     Fauna: brown bear, Charpatian stag, wild boor, rabbit, pheasan , fish, etc.

     Surface: 6696 km2 out of which
     - 409 000 ha agricultural field
     - 219.000 ha arable
     - 174 000 meadows
     - 350.000 vineyards
     - 6000 ha fruit farming
     - 216.000 ha woods

     Population: 550.000 inhabitants
     50,2% living in urban and 49,8% in rural environment

     4 municipalities: Târgu Mures, Sighisoara, Reghin, Târnaveni
     7 cities: Ludus, Sovata, Iernut, Miercurea Nirajului, Sarmasu, Singeorgiu de Padure, Ungheni
     91 communes