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Organisation Chart
Subordinate Institutions
Decentralized Public Services
Town Halls

The Administrative Palace of the Mures county, with a 60 meters high tower, is an edifice built in 1905-1907. It hosts the two institutions of the county public administration: the County Council and the Prefecture.

Tirgu-Mures City Hall, edifice built in 1936-1940

Detail of City Hall facade, restaurated in 1990-1992

Administrative Palace, and in front of it, the Monument of Latinity (1924)

The Palace of Culture- established in 1913, the seat of the public library, philharmonic, history and art museums.












Mirror Hall

The most important edifice that Tirgu-Mures was endowed with in the last decades - the National Theatre

Lobby of the National Theatre

Prestigious places of learning






National College
"Alexandru Papiu Ilarian"

The Art Highschool



"Bolyai Farkas" Highschool

In time the name of the specialists in medicine from, Tirgu Mures has been confirmed.





University of Medicine and Farmacy

County Hospital

Modern buildings decorate the city, trying to keep up the pace with time.






The Romanian Comercial Bank

"Grand" Hotel and "Romarta" Shopping Center