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     The lyrics of the national anthem belong to Andrei Muresanu (1816-1863), romantic poet, journalist, translator, a real fighter of the Revolution from 1848. The music was composed by Anton Pann (1796-1854), poet and ethnographic researcher, a great man of culture, singer and author of musical manuals.
     Andrei Muresanu's poem " The eco" issued during the Revolution from 1848, was set on musical notes in few days, singed for the first time on June 29 1848 in Ramnicu Valcea.
     The poem will turn into the national anthem under the name " Wake up Romanian!" instantaneously winning glory due to its vigorous message . Since 1848, " Wake up Romanian!"was a song very loved by Romanians, giving them courage during crucial moments, during the Independency War (1877-1878) and during the First and Second World War. In the moment of crisis after August 23, when, after the state coupe, Romania turned its weapons against Germany, this anthem was singed by everybody, broadcasted over the radio, keeping the country alert.
     The same happened on December 22 1989 during the anti communist revolution; the anthem was singed on the streets, following the huge number of masses, scattering the fear of death.
     The message of the anthem is in the same time social and national, social for it impose a permanent state of vigilance to ensure the transition toward a new world, national for it represent the traditional reborn.
     The anthem contain that " now or never", present in all anthems, from the "paion" with which the Greeks fought at Marathon and Salamina, to the Marseilleza of the French revolution. The invocation of the national destiny is the highest peak a nation can reach on the fly to divinity.
     Next to this anthem, Romanian has " Hora Unirii" written in 1855 by the great poet Vasile Alecsandri singed during the Union of Principalities and on every occasion when the Romanion whishes union and harmony. Dancing in circle is an old ritual, showing spiritual community, equality and the wish of Romanian to live together.