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     The Romanian flag has three colors: red., yellow and blue. It did not suffer major changes during history. Only the distribution of colors (proportional and position) changed, being equalized after the revolution from 1848 when, under the impact of the French revolution, many countries of Europe adopted the standard flag formed by three colors. Documents attests that in some historic periods the Romanian flag had the three colors on horizontal, red in the upper part, yellow in the middle and blue in the lower part. As well the proportion of the colors was not the same as today (33% for each color).
     Essentially, the three colors, so loved by Romanian, can be identified on flags dating back to Mihai the Brave and even Stefan the Great. More than that, recent research indicates the presence on the Dacic standard from Traianus Column in Rome. This flag had a special form: a wolf head from glowing metal, from which colored ribbons were hanging.
     When the wind was blowing, the flag made a whistle that frightened the enemy and encouraged those who were fighting. In critical moments, hiding the flag in order to prevent it from being captured by the enemy was a common behavior of many nation, including the Dacs, Romans. Such a hidden flag belonged to Tudor Vladimirescu, the leader of the revolution from 1821. When the revolution was defeated, Vladimirescu's captains decided to burn the flag in a courtyard. Only after 60 years, in 1882, the flag was found, reconditioned and brought to Bucharest, the capital of the country, being displayed, with military ceremony in the House of Army. The revolution from 1821 helped the country to free itself from the foreign rulers, imposed by the Turkish Empire in the Romanian Land and Moldova at the beginning of the XVIII century.
     The flag is a national symbol, linked to the history and resistance of its people, the secret of its survival.
     The Romanian flag, visible on the national coat of arm, resisted even during communism, when the entire heraldic of USSR satellites was caricaturized.
     During time, poems, anthems were dedicated to the Romanian flag; one of these is " Three colors" composed by Ciprian Porumbescu, a mobilizing song, one of the most loved by Romanians.
The Romanian flag has its colors displayed on vertical, as follows: blue (upper), yellow ( middle) and red (lower). The blue is cobalt, the yellow chrome and the red vermilion.