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     Traces of a Roman camp were discovered in Brâncovenesti as well as traces of a Roman civil location. The camp, built under the Roman emperor Traianus on the plateau on the northeast way of access in Brâncovenesti allowed the supervision of the Mures valley. After the Tartar-Mongolian invasion of 1241, the stones of the camp were used to build the feudal castle, which, during the centuries, was transformed many times.
     The actual aspect of the castle is due to Kendi Ferenc, who re-built it in 1557. After Kendi's death, the castle changed its owners several times.
     It was, in turn, the property of Bathori Zsigmond, Mihai Viteazul (who, in 1600, for a short time, established his army in the castle, under the leadership of Sava Armasul), then of Bocskai Istvan, Bethlen Gabor, Rakoczi Gyorgy and, for a period of 300 years, the castle was owned by the Kemeny family of nobles.
     The last owner was the Hungarian writer Kemeny Janos (1903-1971), who founded in July the 18th, 1926 the Association of the Hungarian Writers called "Erdely Helikon".