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     Our county is an integrated part of Transylvania 's geography, history, ethnography and specific demographic blend. Even from the 14 th century it carries the name of the river it is crossed by, the Mures River, even if its size alternated according to the administrative and territorial divisions imposed by history.

     It gradually belonged to the Mures Seat and to the Voivodate of Transylvania (regional administrative forms), and then to the independent Principality of Transylvania. Its inhabitants have always lived in multi-linguistic and multi-cultural communities, where they mutually knew and respected their customs, language, songs, folklore and spiritual values.
     The development of cultural institutions, the enlargement of social security, the protection of traditions, the protection and the rehabilitation of monuments, the support and the stimulation of artistic creations, as well as assuming diversity and tolerance, all these continue to be priority goals.
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